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The dentures fitted for you by the dentists at Agreeable Dental Care’s Aurora, Colorado clinic have been crafted from special dental-grade materials to fit perfectly with the underlying structure of your gums. While they will not suffer from bacterial tooth decay, the dentures will still benefit from daily care and regular cleaning.

Many people with dentures like to apply a little denture adhesive, to help hold the unit firmly in place while also preventing food particles from invading the base, and irritating their gums.

If you do have a little bit of something work its way into the area, you should thoroughly rinse them and any residual adhesive away. You can then reapply more denture adhesive to the clean surface.

Your dentures will also require some simple care and cleaning when you take them out at night. You will need to brush the surfaces and contours of the dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush and denture polish. You should then soak the dentures overnight in water and keep them in a safe place.

After you’re done brushing the dentures, you might want to also consider brushing your tongue. Along with a vigorous rinse of antiseptic mouthwash, it will help remove bacteria and plaque to improve oral hygiene and prevent chronic bad breath problems.

If you have questions about how to best clean and maintain your new set of dentures, you can always call Dr. Marc Resnick’s Aurora, Colorado clinic at 303-369-7272 to seek further advice.