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Without professional diagnosis and treatment even a small cavity will start to penetrate into the tooth. As the tooth decay progresses beyond the tooth’s enamel layer it can start to affect the dentin and pulp within the tooth. This can lead to worsening tooth sensitivity and a possible toothache.

In some of these cases the bacterial presence can invade the root of the tooth and the surrounding gums, causing a pain and pressure. If you have noticed any of these problems with one of your teeth, you need to seek timely treatment from a dentist like Dr. Marc Resnick as soon as possible.  

Patients with a tooth in this condition often need Dr. Marc Resnick to perform a root canal. This treatment plan might also involve draining the fluid from the dental abscess. In a severe case the tooth might be too compromised for endodontic therapy and might require extraction.   

After treatment he will likely provide you with a prescription for antibiotics and pain medication. This is intended to treat any lingering infection while also limiting any lingering pain. They will need to be taken as directed to help prevent complications during the recovery process.

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