With partial dentures, you can once again enjoy the beautiful, functioning smile you want and need! Dr. Marc Resnick will be happy to talk with you about whether or not partial dentures are the right solution for you when you visit Agreeable Dental Care. If you are missing some of your teeth, and would like to learn more about partial dentures in Aurora, Colorado, contact us at 303-369-7272 today to schedule your exam and consultation.

Many people are self-conscious about their missing teeth. It is true that a space in your grin can be embarrassing, but as Dr. Resnick can tell you, the cosmetic effect of replacing missing teeth is just one of the benefits. Yes, you will have a full smile again, and missing teeth make you look older than you really are. But, with a complete set of teeth, you can chew your food properly, and speak more clearly.  Since partial dentures replace a few teeth, they will keep the remaining, natural teeth from drifting out of position.

Dental implants are very popular, but they can be expensive, and not everyone is a candidate for implants. Partial dentures are cost effective and are easy to place! If you want to fill out your smile, Agreeable Dental Care may be able to help you with a set of partial dentures in Aurora, Colorado. Partial dentures are designed to help people who are missing several teeth or have teeth that need to be replaced, but who do not need an entirely new dental arch.

After taking an impression of your bite, Dr. Resnick will essentially create a model of your teeth. That model will be used to craft your partial denture from acrylic.  That partial denture will be made to fit you, and blend in with rest of the teeth in your smile. Your partial denture will rest on your gums are held in place with wires.

It may take some time to get used to wearing your partial denture, and Dr. Resnick and the team at Agreeable Dental Care can answer all of your questions about your partial denture in Aurora, Colorado.  Your denture may need to be adjusted, or you may want to have it lined, and Dr. Resnick will be happy to help. Although it is not a part of your natural teeth, your partial denture will still need daily cleaning and care. You will still need to brush your other teeth and your gums, and continue to visit us at Agreeable Dental Care for your regular dental cleanings and exams.

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