The Basic Function of Teeth Lost to Gum Disease Can Be Replicated by a Partial Denture

Patients who frequently forget to brush their teeth each morning and night, or who have a bad habit of forgetting to floss once per day often experience a buildup of hardened tartar at the gumline. Over time the presence of these bacterial deposits can lead to chronic problems with gum... Read more »

An Overview of Root Canals

A root canal is one of the most commonly-known dental procedures aside from a regular cleaning. But you’d be surprised at how few people actually know what’s involved in a root canal, when you might have to get one, and most importantly, how to not get one. The answer to... Read more »

Untreated Cavities Can Lead to a Dental Abscess

Without professional diagnosis and treatment even a small cavity will start to penetrate into the tooth. As the tooth decay progresses beyond the tooth’s enamel layer it can start to affect the dentin and pulp within the tooth. This can lead to worsening tooth sensitivity and a possible toothache. In... Read more »

The Different Uses of Dental Crowns

Did you know there are many different uses of dental crowns? Dental crowns are very versatile in the world of dentistry that can help restore your oral health and improve the appearance of your smile. In fact, dental crowns are very common, yet many people do not understand how efficient... Read more »

Oral Trauma Could Need First-Aid

A blow to the head, face or mouth is not uncommon in contact sports and certain rigorous activities. In some of these cases, the resulting oral trauma could damage soft tissues in the mouth, fracture a tooth or potentially knock a tooth out of its periodontal socket. In moments like... Read more »

All About Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Are you about to bring your child into Agreeable Dental Care for their first dental appointment? If so, good for you! Their first appointment will help you and your child in many ways. Typically, it’s recommended to bring your child in for their first checkup around their first birthday or... Read more »

A Gradually Developing Toothache Might Need a Root Canal

Toothaches can be related to a wide range of dental health issues. These can include a recent dental trauma, untreated cavity, a developing dental abscess, or a failing dental filling with ancillary tooth decay. Even if the initial discomfort feels minor, it’s still best to have it examined by an... Read more »

A Severe Dental Emergency Endodontic Therapy

Sometimes a sports injury or an accident in the home can result in a severe blow to the mouth. In some of these cases, one or more teeth can be significantly traumatized, causing pain and potential complications. In a scenario like this, you may need to seek emergency care from... Read more »

Endodontic Therapy Might Be Needed to Treat Severe Dental Trauma

Sometimes a blow to the mouth from a sports injury or household accident can cause significant trauma to soft tissues and teeth. This could potentially apply sufficient force to knock a tooth out of the socket of cause it to shear near the gumline. Without timely treatment by an endodontic... Read more »

How Root Canals Work

If you’ve ever had a tooth chip or an oral filling chipped out, you recognize that life can cause some dental appliances to be less than permanent. If you are going to get a root canal and are wondering how successful it can be, don’t worry: root canal treatments are... Read more »