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Sometimes a blow to the mouth from a sports injury or household accident can cause significant trauma to soft tissues and teeth. This could potentially apply sufficient force to knock a tooth out of the socket of cause it to shear near the gumline.

Without timely treatment by an endodontic specialist like Dr. Marc Resnick, the distressed tooth could lead to increasingly severe complications. This could include severe sensitivity, inflammation, and worsening pain.

After Agreeable Dental Care’s staff specialists have assessed the nature and severity of the problem an effective treatment plan can be executed. If enough healthy root structure remains, Dr. Resnick might be able to restore the tooth with endodontic therapy. Also known as a root canal, this treatment will excise the compromised dental components as well as the remaining tooth enamel. Then he will create an abutment from a special material which is known as gutta percha.

This small dental post will have sufficient structural integrity to eventually anchor a dental crown in place of the severely traumatized tooth. If you are in the Aurora, Colorado, area and you have a painful or otherwise distressed tooth, you should call 303-369-7272 to seek endodontic treatment at Agreeable Dental Care.