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Sometimes a sports injury or an accident in the home can result in a severe blow to the mouth. In some of these cases, one or more teeth can be significantly traumatized, causing pain and potential complications.

In a scenario like this, you may need to seek emergency care from a qualified endodontist like Dr. Marc Resnick. The training and experience possessed by he and his staff can quickly assess the severity of the dental trauma and apply the most effective treatment.

In some of these cases, Dr. Marc Resnick and his staff might be able to restore the affected teeth by performing a root canal. Also known as endodontic therapy this treatment process will excise the compromised dental structures.

This will also include removing tooth enamel. Then he will create an abutment from a special material which is known as gutta-percha. The small dental post will have the necessary structural integrity to eventually anchor a dental crown restoration.

After all affected teeth have been treated and addressed Dr. Marc Resnick will likely provide you with a prescription for anti-inflammatory and pain management medication.

If you are in the Aurora, Colorado, area and you have a painful or otherwise distressed tooth, you should call 303-369-7272 to seek endodontic treatment at Agreeable Dental Care.