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Toothaches can be related to a wide range of dental health issues. These can include a recent dental trauma, untreated cavity, a developing dental abscess, or a failing dental filling with ancillary tooth decay.

Even if the initial discomfort feels minor, it’s still best to have it examined by an experienced endodontist like Dr. Marc Resnick. Once he and the specialist staff at Agreeable Dental Care have examined tooth to assess the cause of the toothache, you will be presented with the most applicable treatment plan.

Many toothache causes need to be treated with endodontic therapy. Also known as a root canal, this treatment process is designed to safely remove the distressed dental structures from the core of the tooth. This will also involve removing the entirety of the tooth enamel.

After addressing the compromised structures, Dr. Marc Resnick will use special endodontic materials to prepare an abutment. This small post will eventually anchor a dental crown restoration which will fully replace the original tooth enamel layer with an alternate material.

If you live in the Aurora, Colorado, area and you are suffering from toothache pain you should call 303-369-7272 to seek treatment at Agreeable Dental Care’s endodontic clinic.